Sharing the Learning – Pulling the Program Together

Teacher Reference Guide

At the conclusion of the tours and projects

The following points could be considered to pull the learning together and provide an audience for students’ published work to be shared with the broader community:

  • Support students to see through lines to all aspects of the program (tours, projects, OH&S presentations and Young Industry Ambassador Presentations). How do each of these aspects of the program connect and provide an understanding of job, careers and pathways?
  • Support students to articulate what they now know about jobs, careers and pathways and how this has grown over the 16 weeks of the program.
  • Organise an opportunity for students to present their work orally to an audience. This could be an expo involving all participating schools, workplace hosts and other stakeholders or it could be sharing with the local school community or several classes at school. An expo can provide an excellent way to showcase the work of the students and to showcase the considerable support provided by all of the stakeholders involved.
  • The basis of the work presented by the students can be the digital or paper portfolios developed by students during each stage of the program.
  • Support students to prepare their oral presentations ensuring all visual material is accurate and ready for publication.
  • With student support organise the oral presentation (format, guest invites, venue).
  • Support students to thank all workplace and project hosts.

Student Reference Guide

At the Conclusion of the Tours and Projects:

  • Actively participate in follow-up discussions reflecting what I have learned throughout the whole program.
  • Work to understand how each of the parts of the program fit together and helped develop my understanding of careers, jobs and pathways.
  • Help my group record our learning and develop our presentation.
  • Check our presentation carefully for accuracy and readiness for publication.
  • Assist teachers in organising the presentation of Passions and Pathways learnings to the group chosen (expo to school and workplace representatives, presentation to school community, presentation to class groups).
  • Participate in formally thanking workplaces and project hosts.
  • Reflect on the role I played in the group during the whole program: what I did well and how I could improve my role, how I improved my role over time.

Trial Schools Unit of Work

Finding Out: Pulling the Learning Together

Learning Intention:

To assist students to pull together the understandings and learning they have participated in during the whole program seeing connections between the various parts of the program.


Students will be able to articulate, publish and share their learning with others showing an enhanced and deeper knowledge of jobs, careers and pathways.

Tuning In Activities

Activity 1

Follow-up discussion and reflection on what students have learned during the whole program.

Reflection on the skills and values they have noted are important in the workplaces observed.

Activity 2 – Exhibition of Careers:

Students plan an exhibition of what they now understand as a result of participating in the program.

Students invite hosts from workplaces involved in the program, other stakeholders and parents.

Students develop their presentations.

Begin with a shared presentation to the group of film clips and reflections then break off for small group presentations.

Assign guests to watch each group’s presentations with each student given 5 minutes to go through their part of the presentation.

Provide guests with cut out thought clouds to give feedback to students about what they enjoyed about the presentation.