Workplace Projects

Teacher Reference Guide

Prior to the Projects


  • Students will operate in a group of 6 – 8 participants.
  • Students are given a degree of choice when selecting projects although it may not be possible for all students to get their first preference.

Eliciting and Developing Student Prior Knowledge

  • Familiarise students with each of the projects available in any of the following ways:
    • Project hosts meet in person with all students and provide a brief overview of each project.
    • Project hosts provide a short video introducing themselves and providing a brief overview of Passions & Pathways.
    • The teacher provides an overview of each project based on information supplied by project hosts.
  • Ensure a revision of OH&S factors is covered in regard to each project.
  • Students complete Project Choice Planner outlining why they would like to participate in their first and second preference.

During the Project

  • Ensure all students actively participate.
  • Look for examples during the project where new learning can be related to previous student learning.
  • Model asking clarifying questions as a participant in the group.
  • Model taking notes for use later in class.
  • Encourage and support students to complete their project booklets.

Follow up each week at school

  • Support students to begin work on the way they will present their project to an identified group expo to school and workplace representatives, presentation to school community, presentation to class group.
  • Remind students to check equipment they will need each week.

After the Project – Pulling the Learning Together at School

  • Lead and scaffold higher the discussion of what students learned during the project.
  • Support students to see through lines to all aspects of Passions & Pathways (tours, projects, OH&S presentations and Young Industry Ambassador Presentations).
  • Encourage and support students to record and share their learning in a variety of formats – oral, written, digital.
  • Support students to prepare their oral presentations ensuring all visual material is accurate and ready for publication.
  • With student support organise the oral presentation (format, guest invites, venue).
  • Support students to thank all work place and project hosts.
  • Lead individual student reflection on how they performed their specific roles in the work group and how they can improve their participation.

Student Reference Guide

Prior to the Project

Understanding My Role during the Project:

Work as a member of my group performing a variety of roles including:

  • Following directions.
  • Active Listening.
  • Taking notes.
  • Checking our group’s OH&S compliance during the tour.

Developing My Prior Knowledge before the Projects

  • Explore and take notes during the presentations on each project.
  • Extend my knowledge through discussion with the teacher.
  • Complete the project choice planner providing evidence on the preference of project I have selected.

During the Project

  • Show active listening skills at all times.
  • Have a go at everything asked.
  • If possible ask clarifying questions.
  • Take notes, photos & video for use later at school.
  • Help our group adhere to OH&S requirements.

After the Project – Pulling the Learning Together at School

  • Actively participate in follow up discussions back at school using my notes.
  • Help my group record our learning and develop our presentation.
  • Check our presentation carefully for accuracy and readiness for publication.
  • Assist teachers in organising the presentation of Passions and Pathways learnings to the group chosen (expo to school and workplace representatives, presentation to school community, presentation to class groups).
  • Participate in formally thanking workplaces and project hosts.
  • Reflect on the role I played in the group: what I did well and how I could improve my role.

Trial Schools Unit of Work

Finding Out: Workplace Projects

Learning Intention:

To provide a small group of students with a range of hands on experiences provided by a workplace host developing an as aspect/ aspects of the workplace in a meaningful way for grade 6 students.


Students will work through a range of hands on activities with a workplace host gaining practical experience with the skills and values of the workplace.

Tuning In Activities

Activity 1 – Preparing for and choosing the project:

Students apply for a project from the range of projects offered.

Students need prior knowledge of what will happen in each project – either visit to each workplace hosting a project by students or hosts visiting schools and informing students what the projects will entail.

Students prioritise 2 projects choices justifying their choices.

Activity 2 – See project booklets:

During the project student record their experiences using the project booklet.

Reflection is an important part of the learning.

Activity 3 – After the Project

Students consider how to present the learning from their project.

Presentation can be oral, digital or paper portfolio or any combination of the above.

Formally thanking project hosts could be an integral part of rounding off the unit.


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