Spark Your Imagination with Hofmann Engineering

Take a walk through Hofmann Engineering‘s factory floor with Ethan, who is an Engineering Fabrication Apprentice.  Ethan guides us through the different areas of the factory, shows us the types of machinery, and talks to the staff as they work.
Hofmann Engineering is equipped with leading-edge robotic welding machinery, large furnaces and a combination of traditional and modern computer-controlled machines. Hofmann’s employees are varied in age, experience, and all have different types of jobs.
Watch the videos and engage with the learning resources below to find out more.


Meet the people of Hofmann Engineering. Watch these videos to find out a bit more about the careers and jobs in the Manufacturing Industry.

Were you paying attention? Watch the video about Ethan and find out about his apprenticeship. Then complete the Kahoot! Quiz by clicking on the link below.

Don’t understand some of the words in the videos? Click on the video glossary to find out what the word means!


What are transferable skills? Everybody has them and they grow like a tree throughout our lives. Watch the video below to find out more about them!

Once you have watched the video on transferable skills, complete the Transferable skills worksheet below.


Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, refers to anything used or worn to minimise risk to workers’ health and safety. At Hofmann’s the workers wear a range of different PPE to keep themselves safe in their workplace.

Types of PPE:

  • boots
  • ear plugs/muffs
  • face masks
  • gloves
  • goggles
  • helmets or hard hats
  • high visibility clothing/vests
  • respirators
  • safety harnesses
  • sunscreen

Click on the button to complete a PPE identification worksheet. Identify all the types of PPE that someone at Hofmann’s might wear. Hint: make sure you have watched all the videos.


If you’re interested in this industry, check out the different ways you can get into it.


Volunteer opportunities are not frequent but may be available upon enquiry.

High School Work Placement

Work Placements may be available to secondary students studying VET engineering.  Students can discuss with careers staff at their school.

If you’re looking for a work placement opportunity, the Goldfields LLEN can help. Visit their website to find out more.


School-Based apprenticeships may be available dependent on availability and school timetabling.

Apprenticeships or Traineeships are available directly through workplace and TAFE institutions

University Placement/Internship

La Trobe University (Bendigo)
Work Integrated Learning is offered through the College of Science, Health and Engineering at La Trobe University.

Federation University (Ballarat)
All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering, or the Bachelor of Engineering Technology are required to undertake a work placement to graduate from their course.


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