Get Creative with KH Studio

The KH Studio are a Bendigo-based marketing and creative studio which helps local, national, and international businesses promote their business and products through branding, websites and social media.
We take a walking tour with the founder of the KH Studio, Kira. She discusses what it is like to work in marketing, working in a co-workspace, working remotely, and her journey as a young entrepreneur.


Meet the people of The KH Studio. Watch these videos to find out a bit more about the careers and jobs in the Information, Media and Telecommunications industry.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 4.18.55 pm

Were you paying attention? Watch the video about Kira then complete the Kahoot! Quiz by clicking on the link below.

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Watch the video of Alyssa. She talks about her job as a Graphic Designer, her career pathway and lots more.

Don’t understand some of the words in the videos? Click on the video glossary to find out what the word means!


Find out about communication. What types are there? What are good communication skills? Watch the explainer video to find out more.


This short drawing exercise is great for student to experiment in leadership – giving clear and concise instructions – and in listening and implementing tasks with care. We work together best when we communicate clearly. We can achieve great things together when we give clear instructions AND listen carefully.

Special thank you to the LaTrobe Art Institute for this fantastic resource.



Volunteer opportunities are not frequent, but may be available upon enquiry.

High School Work Placement

Work Placements may be available upon enquiry.


If you’re looking for a work placement opportunity, the Goldfields LLEN can help. Visit their website to find out more.


Traineeships are available directly through workplace and TAFE institutions

University Placement/

La Trobe University (Bendigo)
Work Integrated Learning/Placement is offered for some courses (including Arts)

Undergraduate Degree

La Trobe University (Bendigo)
Diploma of Arts (online)

Bachelor of Arts – (Online)

Bachelor of Business (Bendigo)

Bachelor of Business (Online)

Bachelor of Media & Communication
(Melbourne based with many subjects available online through StudyFlex)


Federation University (Ballarat)

Bachelor of Arts
(Ballarat or Online)

Bachelor of Business
(Ballarat or Online)

Bachelor of Visual Arts

*Note – for a focused Media/ Communications/ Journalism/ Strategic Communications degree, you can use an online search platform such as to find courses. Courses are available in Melbourne and through online programs at universities across Australia.

Post Graduate Degree

La Trobe University
Master of Arts

Master of Strategic Communication
(Melbourne Campus)

Master of Visual Arts


Federation University (Ballarat)

Doctor of Philosophy


This resource is for teachers who are engaged with the Passions & Pathways curriculum and would like to explore additional activities, AND/OR for specialist or generalist teachers who would like to bring career conversations into their classrooms.

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