La Trobe Art Institute

Explore the La Trobe Art Institute (LAI) through an online interactive experience where you get to navigate your own way around the gallery.  On your way, you can explore the artworks and meet the people who work in the gallery.  You’ll hear information about each artwork and explore what it’s like to work in a gallery, and as an artist.

This Matterport was created in 2021 during the ‘All That Is Solid’ exhibition. “All That Is Solid  is an exhibition of paintings, photographs, prints, drawings and sculptures that comment on ideas of institutional power.  Spanning six decades, these works invite us to reflect upon the power dynamics embedded in political, social and economic systems.” You can find out more about the exhibition here.


Meet the people of the LAI. Watch these videos to find out a bit more about the careers and jobs in the Art Industry.

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 4.30.05 pm

Were you paying attention? Watch the video about Rob and then test your knowledge about him and his job as a Gallery Technician in this quick Kahoot! Quiz.

Don’t understand some of the words in the videos? Click on the video glossary to find out what the word means!


Not sure what a volunteer is? Watch our explainer video on volunteering!

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When looking at the ‘Meet the People’ videos, did you meet Jamie?  She’s a volunteer at LAI. Make sure you watch her video to find out more about volunteering!


Joseph Beuys said that “Everyone is an artist”, and that might be true – but can you collaborate with another artist?  As a major part of the work that artists and art technicians do is collaboration, LAI has created an awesome activity to test out your collaboration skills. Watch the video and give it a go with a friend!


There are lots of different pathways to be an artist or work in an art gallery.  Check out these pathways and if you’re interested, you can click on the links to the courses you might study to get there!


Volunteer opportunities exist in local art galleries.  Some volunteer positions include training opportunities (e.g. tour guides)

Work Placement

Work placement opportunities are not frequent, but may be available upon enquiry.
If you’re looking for a work placement opportunity, the Goldfields LLEN can help. Visit their website to find out more.


La Trobe University (Bendigo)
Work Integrated Learning

TAFE Certificate

Undergraduate Degree

La Trobe University (Bendigo)

Bachelor of Creative Arts

Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours)

Federation University (Ballarat)

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Post Graduate Degree

La Trobe University (Bendigo)
Master of Arts

Master of Visual Arts (Research)


This resource is for teachers who are engaged with the Passions & Pathways curriculum and would like to explore additional activities, AND/OR for specialist or generalist teachers who would like to bring career conversations into their classrooms.  The LAI resource is full of rich potential for conversations about work within the arts, collaboration, Indigenous perspectives, personal strengths, metacognitive processes, interaction, and the creation and discussion of visual artworks.

As well as the interactive Matterport and videos, teachers can engage students in a classroom activity to explore visual art and collaboration. Senior secondary students can click on the activity instructions to complete the activity independently. For primary students and teachers who would prefer to run the activity as a whole class, click the activity instructions for a full lesson plan.

See the list of curriculum links below for information on which activities engage students in the various learning areas and capabilities within the curriculum.