Primary schools participating in the program have a high proportion of families receiving financial assistance. Community issues such as generational poverty and unemployment impact on schools and on student aspirations and their desire to learn. Many students held little hope for their participation in the workforce, believing that people had successful careers as a result of “luck”.

Passions and Pathways was designed to overcome these situations and beliefs. During workplace and classroom visits, guest presenters and Young Industry Ambassadors share their stories and their knowledge about how to present ‘yourself in the real world’; OHS considerations and the many different jobs and pathways available in their industry or profession.

Applied learning projects are undertaken in a business over several weeks. Areas have included:
Health Care, Design / Construction, Robotics, Emergency Services / Working together, Hospitality, Trades / DIY, Mapping & Technology, Animal Studies & Hospitality, Aged Care, Childcare, Design / Arts, Hair, Skin & Beauty, Science / Laboratory Skills, Waterway Health / Environmental Science, Fire Safety and Rescue.

During workplace and classroom visits, guest presenters and Young Industry Ambassadors shared their stories and theirknowledge about how to present ‘yourself in the real world’. OH&S considerations and the many different jobs and pathways available in their industry or employment field were presented.

The Project not only enabled students’ learning through relevant, interesting and fun activities but also allowed them to develop and increase meaningful partnerships with their school and local communities. They discovered more about their preferred learning styles, interests and attributes.

The Program enables students to learn through relevant, interesting and fun activities. Importantly, is also allows them to build meaningful partnerships with their school, local communities and future employers. They also discovered more about their preferred learning styles, interests and attributes – and how this can translate into a real job in the real world.

Eagle hawk Primary School

Eaglehawk Primary School

Lightning Reef Primary School

Lightning Reef Primary School

Specimen Hill Primary School

Specimen Hill Primary School

St Monica’s Catholic Primary School

St Peter’s Primary School

Business & Industry

More than 50 local businesses – ranging from manufacturers, to personal services, to retailers and professional services – give their time to Passions and Pathways. Teachers get to know the participating businesses prior to exposing them to student visits to ensure they understand how the industry operates and can extend the learning once students return to school.

Teachers work closely with each industry project leader to ensure the planned activities are appropriately matched to the capabilities of the student group and that each project involves lots of hands-on work for each student.

Industry Visits

Industry visits are a key element of the Passions and Pathways program.

The purpose of industry visits is to prepare students for the visits, teachers and students focussed on:

  • What do students already know?
  • Develop students’ abilities to use skills and knowledge to collect new knowledge.
  • Prepare students for their beliefs and values to be challenged about the world of work..

Workplace Projects

Over a three week period, students work in groups in the workplace to undertake a meaningful project or solve a problem. Mentors work with student groups to create a plan for each team based project. They identify individual strengths in the team to apply to the development of the project. The applied learning project is undertaken in collaboration with others in groups, demonstrating the art of effective communication between team members, industry mentor and workplace personnel.

Young Industry Ambassadors

Young Industry Ambassadors are specially chosen employees of some of the participating businesses. YIAs are trained to talk about their own career pathways to students. They are an integral part of the program – building a bridge between the students and some of the older workers or the boss!

YIAs visit schools and present to the classes. They help in workplace tours and while undertaking the workplace projects. These YIAs have a chance to practice their leadership and presentation skills, ensuring they also benefit from the program.

Keech Passions and Pathways

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