Passions & Pathways

Passions & Pathways, Primary Schools & Workplaces in Partnership originated in Bendigo. It has been enriching the lives of Year Six students since 2012. A dynamic partnership between the Goldfields LLEN (lead partner), cross-sectoral primary schools, local government and businesses it gives students a taste of the ‘world of work’ and fosters an appetite to succeed.

Primary school students engage with local businesses in their workplaces. The authentic ‘work’ experiences aim to lift student aspirations and reinforce the value of completing their education. The State Government has provided $1.2 million to expand the initiative to the Shires of Central Goldfields and Mount Alexander.

“I was really pleased to again support the Passions and Pathways Expo. It is a fantastic initiative that introduces young people to the world of work and gives them an opportunity to think about what type of work they may like to pursue in the future and how they can do that locally.

As a community it is important that we take an interest in progressing the development of our young people, so congratulations to everyone involved in providing this great, immersive experience to the next generation.”

Cr Margaret O’Rourke
City of Greater Bendigo